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Scientists at Humboldt University of Berlin found out that the habit of looking at the photos of friends on social networking pages such as Facebook or Instagram gives users a constant feeling of envy and hatred of themselves, as the Los Angeles Times wrote in a Wednesday edition.

The study involved 357 people who are mostly university students (the major type of social networks users). Responding to a question of the researcher what can make a person feel envy, every third person mentioned Facebook. Also every fifth participant of the experiment found that lately he or she had a sense of envy when visiting social networks.

The most common reason of the envy is travel pictures, photos from parties and family celebrations. In addition, the number of “Likes” on a status update or birthday greetings, published on the user page can be the object of envy. A constant comparison of themselves with others leads to the fact that people begins to devalue their own lives.

According to scientists the people who spend a lot of time on social networking pages looking at the pages of other users, but who do not participate in the creation of content are at risk.

“From a provider’s perspective, our findings signal that users frequently perceive Facebook as a stressful environment, which may, in the long run, endanger platform sustainability,” they write.

The researchers suggest several ways to deal with the problem. First, you can completely eliminate the use of social networks, or simply hide the news from friends, which are the main objects of envy. If the dependence on Facebook cannot be overcome, the users can begin a more active “show off” their own achievements and lifestyle.

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